Web Development


Software Development & Consulting

For certain situations or organizations, it is critical to develop and implement technological solutions that are tailored to fit the exact needs of the organization. Conseltek offers software solutions that are web based or pc based.


Web Applications

Web applications offer a critical advantage which is the ability to access the applications and critical information from any computer that has internet access. Applications can also be accessed from various types of systems, such as PC or MAC, and other types of devices such cellular phones with internet access.


Desktop Applications

Software desktop applications can run on different systems and operating system platforms. Generally speaking, software applications are better able to take advantage of localized system resources.

Processes and procedures are the engine that makes your organization run.

Learn how to better manage them and control them.

It is critical to learn how they work in order to control them to reach the organizational objectives. In order to achieve the objectives of your processes and procedures, Conseltek executes a general learning pathway which is composed of:

In this first phase, it is critical to develop a deep understanding of your processes and procedures. Once the documentation has taken place, the various elements are examined and different technological solutions are proposed as possible automation solutions. The final product from this phase is a deep understanding of your processes and procedures through analytical tools as well as a technological automation proposal based on the analysis.

Once an IT automation solution has been chosen, the solution is implemented on a limited basis and is run in parallel with the existing processes and procedures. Once the automation process has been tested and the errors have been located, the system is corrected and it is ready for integration.


In this phase, your team members are taught to use the new technologies as part of their daily activities replacing the processes and procedures they were performing. While in training, your team members perform the old processes and procedures are in parallel with the new technologies. Once your team members have been fully trained and the new processes are error proof, the old processes and procedures are abandoned.

For management, this is the final result that will enable the organization to make better decisions and enhance strategic planning. Management will be able to run key reports and gather crucial information that will enable management to focus on improving and growing the business.